July 21st, 2014

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The question I wanted to ask today is: “Where are the openly gay pro skateboarders?”


Where are the openly gay pro skateboarders?

The “openly gay” what? …Give me a second. …Ok, ask me that question again.

You know, there still aren’t any openly gay pro skateboarders, yet there are openly gay players in the NFL, NBA, and the National Soccer League. There are gay pro skateboarders, they’re just not open about it. Why do you think that is?

Ok, I think that’s a great question. I also think it’s a dumb question.

It’s great and dumb at the same time? There was this great article that came out a few years ago that addressed the subject but today the question remains.

Yeah. Yeah.

How is the question both great and dumb?

I think it’s important to ask this question… [Grrrrah! Grrrrrah!]

Are you clearing your throat?

Yeah, I’m clearing my throat. [Grrrah!] I do think it’s important to ask this question, I really do. I think it’s important to ask this question of men. And. I. Appreciate it.

Why do you think it’s important to ask this question as men.

Well, for many reasons. I think men are being asked to show up as men more than they’ve ever been. I think masculinity is something that really needs to be investigated these days. Yes.

Do you think a masculine sense is inherent in our genes? It’s not just a social construct?

Yes, yes. Yes, yes. Yes. I do believe that masculinity is something that is inherent, but I also believe that masculinity is a construct. Both of those things.

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