February 9th, 2011

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How do you spend your Sundays?

I spend Sundays doing drugs because I don’t have to work here at the bike shop. I usually try to find something cool to do. Some days I’ll trip acid or I’ll buy mushrooms. Other times I’ll go into the city and buy a shitload of opium poppies and come back to my room and sit and make opium tea.

How do you make opium tea?

I get the pods at a dried flower shop [he said where put asked the location not be published].

And they work?

They’re actually fucking killer. Sometimes they put a spray on them to make you sour to your stomach. But after you do them a couple times you build up a tolerance.

Your body gets used to the poison?

Yeah, it’s like a non-toxic poison made to make you feel bad and then go away after a little while.

How do you know the opium pods are sprayed?

You know, I don’t actually know for a fact that they spray stuff on them. This was something other poppy-pod users told me. It makes perfect logical sense that that kind of spraying would happen. I do know for a fact that they spray a certain chemical on the morning glory seeds you see at stores like Home Depot. Morning glory seeds will work just like acid the way it gets you real fucked up.

Buying these poppies is legal?

I think there’s some gray area. I think stores are allowed to sell them as a display item and not as a food or a digestive product. It’s hard to find this information online.

To make your tea, how many poppies do you need?

The store’s deal for a while was ten for $12, although the last time I went there it was $24 for five of them. It probably has to do with the growing season. Arizona and New Mexico are the two big growers of poppies in The States. You can buy poppies in bulk online, though, like $60 for 100. The wbsitevis usually pretty vague and just says “Buy now!” and there’s no description of what to use them for.

OK so you’ve taken the poppy pods home. What do you do?

What you do is you take two to five pods of the bigger variety—it just depends on how fucked up you want to get. My first time I asked a friend of mine who’d done this how many I should take and he said five, which was a fucking load.

What do you exactly do with the pods?

First you cut into a bulb—which looks like a dried gourd–and pour out all the poppy seeds. You don’t need them. You very finely grind up the pods with your hands. They’re really dry and break up small. Then you put the dust in six cups of water. Put a lid on it and let it boil for half an hour. If the water starts to get low and it turns a real dark color just add a little water and keep it going.

This might be a bit hard on your cooking ware.

It’s not entirely bad for it but when you’re done the sludge is pure opium. When you let it cool down its consistency is like real thick coffee or honey. If you get it down to the honey consistency you can put it in an opium pipe and smoke it. Or you can eat it. What I do is I boil down five pods and just drink it in a cup of tea. It looks like any normal tea. Sometimes I’ll mix in a regular tea packet because the taste has a variety and it doesn’t taste good most of the time. It’s bitter so most times I’m just trying to down it fast. I’ve made a chai before, too, you know, with cinnamon, cloves, and lemon all boiled with it. It tastes a little bit better but it’s such a pungent flavor to mask.

After you drink it what do you do?

Generally I’ll throw on a movie, roll a joint or two, and hang out on the couch. Occasionally I’ll go out and do something, or I’ll just go about my day.

How long does it take to feel the effects of your opium tea?

It takes about an hour, hour and a half, about as long as it takes if you eat mushrooms. It’s a gradual buildup. That water is a lot for your body to process. After an hour I usually get a sore stomach.

The sore stomach corresponds with the other effects?

That’s how I know it’s in my system. A little bit after that is when the effects start to kick in. Five large-sized bulbs feel like two 80s of Moxi.

Two 80s…?

Milligrams, which is a buttload, but it’s a gradual release when you drink opium like that.You don’t care about anything around you. It’s definitely dreamy. The ultimate payoff is going to sleep. It is the best lucid sleep of your life, hands down. If you wake up during the night you’re almost happy about it because you’re reminded how good you feel.I would drink opium tea around six or seven in the evening and hang out until my usual one or two o’clock hour. I tend to smoke weed and drink alcohol with it because I’m like, the high has to be a super high! But mixing an opiate with alcohol is bad for your liver. Be careful too because you could easily overdose and put your body into shock.

Have you ever gotten too high?

The first time I did it I did get too high. Not in a bad way, but like I was pretty sedated as if I’d been popping painkillers. Sometimes that ends up badly and I start puking for a while.

I heard puking on opiates can feel good.

Sometimes, but it’s weird because I usually feel fine right up until the time I puke. Like last Sunday I puked because I took a Klonopin and I had been drinking real hard. Then a roommate came home and someone had given her a bunch of free coke so we did it all. I think that was what made me puke because I was already wasted. You ever drink the Devil’s Spray? It’s like 160% vodka. I drank a nice little handle of that. I was gone.

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

I remember sleeping in my crib, and because it was my first year, my parents slept in my room. I puked. They were still asleep so I went back to sleep, too. That’s my very first memory.

Is this discussion perpetuating the stereotype that bicycle mechanics and messengers are just a bunch of druggies?

I think that stereotype is pretty accurate.

What’s the correlation between bicycles and drugs?

I feel like in the past I’ve traded so many bike-related things for drugs. All my friends who are messengers are all crazy so they’re doing drugs all the time to cope with working god-awful 12-hour days. A big part of it is how I would always hurt myself on my bike after a hard day of riding, so I would want to get fucked up in the evening. I’m also an insomniac. At the end of the day I want to be social, but being social and sober is hard for me a lot of the time. But I like talking about bikes and drugs. Did you see that kid who did that video about Lance Armstrong on drugs?

Yes, I did.

That video pretty much sums it up.


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