Prepare, Know, and Be Yourself: Nailing a Wall Street English Interview

How to Ace a Wall Street English Interview

In the Martin Scorsese movie The Wolf of Wall Street, Leonardo DiCaprio asks a room full of salesmen to sell him a pen. They start by describing its fine features.

During an interview, it is important to be prepared to answer questions about yourself. Your answers should be honest and well-thought out.

Be prepared

The key to success for a wall street english interview is to be prepared. That means practicing your answers to common questions and being familiar with the company you are interviewing for. Also, making small talk is important. Be sure to study current events, both in the US and the city you will be interviewing in.

For associates it is OK to joke around a bit, but for VP’s or MD’s you will want to veer on the side of professionalism. They are looking for someone who will represent their firm well in front of their clients long term.

The average salary for a foreign teacher at wall street english is $54,801. This is higher than the salaries of employees at Cushing Academy, which pay an average of $60,963, and Surry Community College, which pay an average of $59,316 per year. Moreover, foreign teachers at wall street english can expect to receive bonuses. The company provides a great culture of collaboration, support and growth for its employees.

Know the company

When you interview, know as much as you can about the company. This can help you answer questions and show that you’re invested in the company. Look online for news articles and blogs, as well as talk to people who work there or have worked there recently. However, be careful not to gossip or discuss anything confidential with your interviewer.

Founded in 1972 in Italy, Wall Street English (WSE) is an international language learning academy for adults and children. The company operates over 450 centers worldwide. They are especially strong in Asia, Latin America, and Europe. They entered the Chinese market in 2000, opening 71 schools in 11 cities. As of 2020, less than 30 WSE schools remain in China and the company is closing them.

Prepare your answers

You’ve done your homework, researched the company and you’re pumped to nail your interview. You’re prepared to explain why you’ve chosen the field of teaching English, what your approach is to student-centered learning, and if you have any special skills or talents in the classroom.

But don’t get too comfortable with all those big words you’ve been preparing to use. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit more simple, especially if it helps you express your ideas more vividly.

Wall Street English is more than just a language school, it’s a family of passionate people who are united by their passion for English and dedicated to changing students’ lives. Join the family and make a difference with small classes and a warm and collaborative atmosphere.

Be yourself

Wall Street English is a global company that offers a close-knit family feel in your local center and an extended support network throughout the world. You’ll be supported by a team of people that want to see you succeed, not just at the company but in your career as well. Being yourself during your interview will help you stand out from the competition and make a positive impression on the interviewer. There’s a fine line between confidence and cockiness though, so be careful not to cross over into the latter. Small talk is a good way to break the ice and show your personality as well.

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