Preparing for a Challenging Interview at Jane Street

Jane Street Interview Blind

Hi, I got reached out by a recruiter from Jane Street to interview for their data team. Does anyone have any advice on preparing?

Last year, Jane Street Europe generated revenues of $1.6bn according to the new accounts, on which they earned profits of $979m. That’s a considerable increase on 2019. The company pays its staff unusually well.

1. Prepare for a math brain teaser

Known for handling over $13 billion in global trading per day, Jane Street is a company that prides itself on a unique blend of technology and mathematics. Their interview process is notoriously challenging, with a focus on maths questions and problem-solving.

The first round of the interview is typically comprised of mental math and probability questions. These are designed to test your ability to quickly manipulate quantitative data and a calibrated sense of what different probabilities mean.

To prepare for these questions, brush up on your math fundamentals and familiarize yourself with the basics of statistics and probability. Also, it’s a good idea to practice your coding skills if you’re applying for a tech role. For example, if you’re preparing for the database interview, try using our SQL learning path or this comprehensive list of databases questions.

2. Prepare for a market sizing question

Got a recruiter from Jane Street who wants to talk about a position on their data team. Anyone with info they can share on their interview process and what to expect would be great. Thanks!

I have an upcoming interview for a software intern role next summer with Jane Street. I’ve looked around online but couldn’t find much on how to prepare. Is this something Leetcode doesn’t cover? Any suggestions? Thanks!

New to blind! Need help getting started.

3. Prepare for a take-home exercise

Jane Street is a leading global trading firm known for their demanding interview process. Their interviews focus on probability theory, game theory, critical thinking, and problem-solving questions. Some roles also require coding exercises.

If you’re applying for a position at Jane Street, it’s important to prepare for your interviews ahead of time. This will help you ensure that you’re ready for the challenges that lie ahead. Fortunately, there are many resources available online that can help you prepare for your interview. Using these resources, you can develop the skills and confidence you need to impress the interviewers at Jane Street.

To practice for your Jane Street interview, try using websites like Leetcode and Hackerrank. These sites provide you with a variety of algorithmic problems that you can use to improve your skills. By practicing, you can be confident that you’ll be ready for any challenge during your interview at Jane Street. Good luck! And don’t worry if you don’t get the job. Just keep trying and work hard!

4. Prepare for a personal question

Jane Street is a global quantitative trading firm known for their sophisticated technology and approach to finance. The company’s hiring process is rigorous and requires a strong understanding of mathematics, statistics, and programming. In addition to technical questions, interviewers will also ask about the candidate’s experience with financial markets and trading strategies.

To prepare for a personal question, candidates should review their resume and practice answering questions about their work history and interests. They should also be prepared to discuss their weaknesses and how they have overcome them. The interviewer may also ask about the candidate’s long-term career goals and how they align with the company’s culture.

To answer this question, candidates should be able to explain how they have used their strengths in previous jobs. They should also describe how they have overcome their weaknesses and how they have developed as a professional. Candidates should also be able to demonstrate their interest in the company by discussing specific projects they have worked on.

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